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"If you have a body, Yoga is for you" F.K.


The Kaiut Yoga Method

The Kaiut Yoga method adapts the ancient practice of yoga to the needs of modern human life, mixing ancestral art with the newest therapeutic approaches.


The essence of the method is the diversity of joint stimuli,  with poses customized and available for all types of bodies. The postures function as complex systems of levers, operating biomechanically. Each of them corresponds to natural movements that meet a particular need of the body, impacting the body in a systemic way. 

In this way, the practice aims to increase mobility and rescue the ancient structure and functionality for the human body, allowing the process of aging to occurs without major losses of mobility and  cognitive capacity.

At Nim Yoga, students are led to increase the awareness of their body sensations, the natural flow of their breath, while being encouraged to move their bodies in a safe and healthy way.

Regardless of age, body shape, fitness level or previous experience with yoga, the Kaiut Yoga Method welcomes everyone to experiment and expand while keeping a sustainable and consistent approach.​


Nim Yoga is open to all levels and ready to take you through your self-care and wellness process. ​

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Midcity, New Orleans

Nim Yoga offers Kaiut Yoga classes in a small studio in Midcity, New Orleans.. Classes are 60 minutes long and are open several days of the week.

The studio is small and cozy, designed to accommodate 6 to 8 students per class. You will experience a customized approach and become part of an delightful Kaiut community.


Our classes are inclusive and open to all levels.





Carla Nimrichter



Carla took her first Kaiut Yoga class in 2017. Felling intrigued and amazed by the depth of the experience, she knew she had found something unique and highly valuable. 

She signed up her family for Kaiut Yoga classes as well, and began dedicating herself exclusively to the method, practicing and also researching about its foundations. 


In the summer of 2018, Carla took a workshop with Francisco Kaiut, creator of the method. She has been studying and learning directly from him since.

Carla has completed over 500 hours of training in the Kaiut Yoga Method, and has taught hundreds of students, from teens to elders. She currently teaches at the JCC New Orleans, and at her own studio in Midcity, New Orleans.


"I feel devoted to helping the students find relief from ailments, improve the functionality of their bodies and improve the quality of their lives, while at the same time being part of an amazing Kaiut Yoga community in New Orleans, Louisiana."

Carla Nimrichter


432 N. Anthony Street, Suite 305C 

New Orleans, LA 70119


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